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The .lkj) – Association for Cultural Child and Youth Education in the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt
is an umbrella organisation in the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt for:

  • Cultural child and youth education
  • Cultural volunteer services domestic and abroad
  • Wide cultural and socio-cultural work

We are an acknowledged support organisation for youth care within Saxony-Anhalt and an umbrella organisation for associations of child and youth cultural work in Saxony-Anhalt. The .lkj) Saxony-Anhalt e.V. is attached to the BKJ – state-wide Association for Cultural Child and Youth Education in Germany.

We offer to youngsters:

  • Cultural education opportunities
  • Voluntary services (FSJ Culture, weltwärts, EVS)
  • International youth exchanges
  • Qualification as youth group leader and/or trainer
  • The competition: Saxony-Anhalt’s youth culture award
  • And, in general, new experiences, help and information, contacts and fun!


Our fields of work:

Cultural Socio-cultural Networking
These areas advice and support others:

  • 30 member organisations and institutions of .lkj) – youth art schools and cultural pedagogic facilities.
  • socio-cultural centres
  • Also in new initiatives of cultural areas in Saxony-Anhalt

We also represent the interests of children, youth and socioculture in many comities.
Information at: www.lkj-sachsen-anhalt.de

Cultural Youth education

Do you want to play theatre? Make a movie or an audio play? Experiment with photos or receive the JuLeiCa-certificate? Cultural Education offers you a lot of opportunities to work creatively in workshops. In addition, you can apply for Saxony-Anhalt’s Youth-Culture-Award until the 15th of October each year. You will find further information at: www.jugend-lsa.de/.


Pathfinder organises projects for and with young immigrants in Saxony-Anhalt and trains them to become team leaders and mediators, so they can be motivated to make their own project ideas come true.

Cultural and Education

Voluntary services
Doing a »FSJ Culture« means to be active in a cultural field of work for one year, to develop your own project, acquire new artistic and cultural skills in seminars, to collect new experiences and involve yourself in the community. The FSJ Culture is a practise field, a year of orientation or education, space for experimenting and can function as a preparation for further education. FSJ Culture aims at young people between 16 and 27 years. But we also have a cultural voluntary service for people who are older than 27 years. Go to www.fsjkultur-lsa.de.

Are you interested in a development-political volunteer service? Then Weltwärts will be the right thing for you: www.weltwaerts.jugend-lsa.de.
Has the idea of going abroad within Europe and doing a volunteer service focused on culture always been exciting to you? Or maybe your volunteering dream is to leave our continent? If so, you have come to the right place. We are a sending organization for the European Voluntary Service (EVS). For more information go to www.fsjkultur-lsa.de/.

Youth-information-service Saxony-Anhalt: JISSA

JISSA is an online portal for youngsters, professional employees and parents. Children and youth relevant content will be published daily at under the themes of school, job and studying, spare time, involvement and internships. In addition there is information about workshops, seminars, competitions or other interesting publications and links. JISSA is a good way to become an overview of all the offers for you and your friends in Saxony-Anhalt. Take a look at www.jissa.de or www.twitter.com/wwwjissade and contact us.